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Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Blue

Blue stood in front of you, and placed his free hand on his hip. "I'm sick of this, I want a turn already! Hold this real quick." He shoved the bag into your hands.

"And now that you have my item, it's my turn to play!"

"You tricked me!" You threw the bag down, somehow not spilling anything. "I can't believe you'd do that."

"I can! Come on, it'll be fun!" He held your hand with a glee as he led you to the closet. "I'll try not to be as annoying as usual.

" He winked and smiled at you, and you couldn't help but to groan. It was Blue. You had only met him a couple times with Green, and he got on your nerves every time.

You could only assume the same would happen alone. The last thing you saw before the door closed was Blue grinning to himself.

Blue neglected to release your hand. You pulled away subtly, but Blue didn't give.

"Something wrong?" He was close. Far closer than you, personally, would like.

"My hand?"

Blue looked down. "Right." He seemed reluctant to let go. He grunted and cracked his knuckles in a very dramatic "pay attention to me" fashion.

"Well, let's get down to business, huh?" You weren't wholly sure that you wanted to. He noticed from the look on your face. "Or not? C'mon (Y/n), talk to me.

" He pressed his forehead against yours, and held your hands in his own.

You got nervous, and began to tear up. You felt them roll down the contours of your cheeks.

"Hey, hey..." He placed his palm behind your head, and guided your face into his chest. Why was he being so nice? Blue's hazel eyes examined every bit of you.

"You really don't want to be in here, do you?"

How do you explain to someone that you hated them until this very moment?

"I can let you out." A soft simper replaced his usual smirk. He moved to open the door, but you took his hand back.

"No! You-- I-- Well--" You exhaled through you nose sharply, before taking a shaky breath and pulling Blue to you by the collar. You embraced, then pressed your lips to his.

You counted in your head-- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-- then he finally reciprocated. His eyes fluttered shut peacefully. He pulled you closer by the waist, then parted to take a breath.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that!"

You laughed. "Me either, honestly!" You both shared a giggle, then looked into the others' eyes. Slowly, carefully, you brought your face near.

Blue dipped in, then backed out again, almost like he was afraid. You placed your hand against the back of his head, letting the gelled locks lose their definition between your fingers.

You kissed him again, more deeply than before. Blue's cheeks flushed, while his eyelashes brushed against the bridge of your nose, slightly tickling.

He felt down to the small of your back, and eased you against the wall.

He parted, and nuzzled the crook of your neck. You kissed the top of his head. Blue grinned, and looked into your eyes. "I've wanted to do this since I met you.

" He held your face in both of his hands, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs. He kissed you longingly, passionately, as if he'd been pining over you for decades.

You felt a burning for more in the pit of you stomach. You placed one hand on his cheek, and the other at his hip.

You tested the waters-- just one little tug closer-- and you felt him harden more so than before.

Blue seemed to go into overdrive. He moaned, and pressed his entire self against you. You felt his pulse racing against your groin.

He ground himself on you rhythmically, almost like he'd practiced beforehand. He kissed you any where he could reach, your face, your hair, your neck, and then finally settling at your lips.

His hands roamed over your body, but his favorite spot seemed to be your hips, where he'd grasp and buck against you and moan over and over again.

Soon, he was out of breath. He rested his head against your shoulder. You pecked him on the cheek, and held him softly.

You swayed in each other's arms for a moment, before Blue looked into your eyes. "I think our time is about up."

Within the next few seconds, the door swung open, revealing Green. "It wasn't so bad, right?"

You beamed. "Not bad at all." You strolled out casually with Blue, as if you hadn't just partook in an intense make-out session.

Blue held your hand and whispered in your ear, "Listen, I've still gotta run the game, but once it's over? I'm all yours." He winked and shot a playful finger gun at you, clicking his tongue.

What a dork (that you're immensely interested in).

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