Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Ash Ketchum
Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Ash Ketchum pokemon stories

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Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Ash Ketchum

Blue walked past you, not taking notice at first, then had a double-take. "Who let a kid join? Anybody?" The crowd murmured among themselves. Now you definitely felt like you didn't belong.

"Everyone else here is an adult, you're not going to get to--"

"I'll play!" A boy around your age stood near the back, waving his hands at you.

Blue shrugged. "Good enough for me. If you two get weird, I'm calling your parents.

I'm already holding back from halving your time, so behave! Go!" The boy grabbed your hand and smiled as he led you into the closet. Blue shut the door.

"What's this game called?" Oh Arceus.

"Seven minutes in heaven? Why did you agree to play a game you didn't know?"

He shrugged and grinned. "I just wanted to help you, it seemed like you wanted to play."

"Honestly... I didn't. I just wanted my friend to think I was cool."

"Oh, sorry. I guess we're stuck in here then."

"It's alright, there are worse people to be locked in a closet with.

" You returned his smile, his sunny disposition seeming to brighten the room on its own-- actually, that's static crackling!

You could just make out the outline of a pikachu from the light provided by the sparks. You patted its head, and its electricity dimmed down.

"Aww, he must like you! Here, there's enough room for us to sit down together. Let's get comfy!" After settling down, Pikachu leaped from Ash's shoulder and into your lap.

From the light that seeped from under the door, you could see Ash's worn out sneakers, and something sticking out of his pocket.

A flashlight! You pointed it out to him, and he didn't hesitate to turn it on. The light shone upwards and cascaded down, muting the shadows.

The flashlight remained balanced between the two of you, though Ash leaned over it and back while he spoke to you excitedly.



"I've got a weird question for you.

" He put his weight on his hands and knees, and put his face next to your ear as he whispered, "Would you mind holding hands with me?

" You pressed your forehead against his for a second, then reached for his hand. He giggled. "Thanks, (Y/n)."

"It's no problem, Ash." He didn't move. You brought your face closer, and nuzzled his cheek with your own. You felt his eyelashes brush against your face like a butterfree kiss.

Suddenly, a light blinded you!

"Alright! You got 7 whole minutes! Now, out! Eat your school, stay in vegetables, and fold the dishes!"

"I don't think--"

"I'm doubling down on it!" Blue watched intently as you both stood up, stretched, and exited.

"Now brush your teeth and go to bed!" Oddly enough, a bulk pack of toothbrushes waited on the counter. You allowed Ash to go first. He picked a red one, and you picked up your favorite color.

You tried to discreetly watch him in the mirror, but he noticed. He made faces at you, and you laughed, nearly choking on toothpaste.

Afterwards, you found a room with two twin beds, and you tucked yourself in.

Ash sat on the side of his bed and looked at you, his seemingly ever-present grin wider than usual. "I'm really glad I met you, (Y/n)."

You yawned and smiled. "Me too."

He pushed himself off the bed, and leaned over you. He planted one quick sweet kiss on your cheek. "Thanks for making today special."

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