Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Sabrina
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Sabrina pokemon stories

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In which you meet Sabrina, the sixth gym leader in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Sabrina

Another day, another mass of spoons gone missing. Every day, your cafe had fewer and fewer. Was it a serial spoon thief? The work of many? A whole forgetful city? You didn't know.

What you did know was it was time to come to an end.

You posted fliers around town about your missing spoons, but had no hope until the leader of the gym next to your shop, Sabrina, showed up with a chagrined kadabra and alakazam in tow.

They each held a bag full of spoons.

"Give it," she spoke sharply, and they relinquished their hoards. The clinking of the silverware hitting the ground before your feet was the release you had been needing for a while. "Good."

Sabrina sighed, and placed her hand to her brow. "Sorry, these two have been stealing spoons from everywhere in the city. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

" She handed you fifty-thousand pokedollars. "For your troubles. If any more go missing, come to me. You're unfortunately close to the gym to have so many spoons." A smile ghosted her lips.

Her eyes, a lovely shade of pink, crinkled in delight. Her black hair fell over one of her shoulders in a beautiful wave.

As she turned to leave, you felt a bit of panic in the pit of your stomach.

"Wait!" Sabrina stopped, and turned to look at you. Why were you acting like this? "Why don't you... Stay for a meal?" She smiled in a demurely.

"Perhaps another time. I'm rather busy at the moment." With that, she left. Did you just fall for your neighbor?

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