Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Professor Oak
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Professor Oak pokeon stories

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In which you meet Samuel Oak, the professor in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Professor Oak

You always enjoyed trips outside of your region, but this one was particularly exciting: Kanto.

With everything packed and ready for six months in another region, you were overjoyed! Of course, this wasn't a vacation, it was a business trip.

The moment you were off the tarmac in Saffron City, you were ready to start studying.

You wandered around the airport for some time until you noticed an older man trying to flag you down. You trotted over, doing your best to avoid the traffic.

As you reached him, he smiled and extended his hand.

"You must be Professor (Y/n)! I'm Professor Oak. It's fantastic to finally meet you!"

You can't help but to return the smile. "The same goes for you, Professor." He chuckled to himself.

"You're a professor too, aren't you?"

You laughed nervously. "Well, yes. I guess I'm nervous."

"It's alright, you may call me Oak if you'd like."

After a bit of driving, you were at the place you'd call home for the next six months, Pallet Town.

It was a quiet neighborhood with not much of note aside from the lab, which is just south of Professor Oak's house.

"There are two guest rooms in my house, one beside my grandson's room, and one beside mine. Feel free to choose either.

" You had no clue what his grandson was like, so you went the safest route and chose the room beside of Oak's. He didn't seem to mind.

After dropping off most of your luggage, it was off to the lab to begin your work together.

"So you've encountered all three legendary beasts and birds, as well as Latios and Latias?

That's fantastic!" As you regaled him with the tales from your region, he grew more and more interested. "Have you encountered any others?"

"I've encountered nearly every legendary ranked pokemon species since the addition of Sinnoh's wildlife to the Pokedex, as well as finding an egg from the mythical pokemon manaphy.

" He finished writing down his notes, and glanced at the clock.

"It's evening all ready? I was hoping to get more done. It's time to go home now, isn't it?" You and the professor then failed to leave the lab, and instead fell asleep while discussing pokemon.

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