Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Officer Jenny
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Officer Jenny pokemon stories

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In which you meet the ever reliable Officer Jenny! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Officer Jenny

Whoa, cute puppy alert-- Oh! Police growlithe!

You jumped away, and the growlithe's partner took notice.

"It's okay, you can pet him. His name's Iggy, we're trying to find a home for him." You looked at the source of the voice, and found Officer Jenny, the cutest girl in town.

You felt heat rise in your cheeks.

"I mean, I have a home." But you've never cared for a pokemon, either!

"Well, you seem trustworthy! Keep him for a night or two, and we'll make the adoption complete afterwards." What are you doing?!

"Sounds good to me!" You knelt down to Iggy, and petted the soft fur on his head. He leaned his head into your hand. You purchased a soft bed for Iggy, along with some food for him to eat.

The bed proved useless though, as he had already decided that your bed was his as well. Maybe this won't end so badly.

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