Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Jessie
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Jessie
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In which you meet one of the antagonists of Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Jessie

GoodWeedle was just like any other job, until you met her-- Jessie. You met her one day during a seasonal sale.

She was sifting through the clothes on the racks like her life depended on it. Carefully, you approached her. Her hair, swept back in a wave of magenta, shone in the fluorescent lights.

As soon as she heard you, she whipped around. Gorgeous blue eyes assessed you, then deemed you safe. You waved in an attempt at an introduction.

"Do you have anything... less expensive?" Oh dear. You panicked lightly to yourself.

"I can buy some clothes for you, if you'd like!" Her eyes lit up.

"Really? Thank you!" She began a mad dash around the store. She built up towers of clothes, and yet, the total only came to 3,000 pokedollars.

Pretty thrifty! She thanked you once again, and skipped out of the store giddily. You could only hope to see her again soon.

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