Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Green
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Green pokemon stories

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In which you meet Green, the female protagonist of Fire Red and Leaf Green! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Green

You lounged outside of your small house on the sleepy island you called home, Cinnabar. The light scent of salt water carried over the tall, dry grasses that swayed with the breeze.

Cinnabar had few residents, and close to no visitors.

There was the occasional trainer or pokemaniac who came by, but hardly anyone would have any need to come to the side of the island you lived on.

You chose the furthest corner you could for your home. It was a sturdy little hut made from brick and wood.

You longed for the days when you were a trainer. You loved Cinnabar, but some days, you couldn't stand being there.

You wished that the volcano would just erupt and any ties you had to the island would burn away, then realize your selfishness and apologize.

Really, you just wanted to travel like you did before. However, you were responsible for this island.

A little over two years ago, Kanto's police hired you to watch over Cinnabar Island.

Blaine, who had been doing the job, was getting up in years and people worried that it'd be too much for him to worry about the island and his gym.

You were provided your little house as part of the job, along with a significant paycheck. However, life on Cinnabar became stagnated quickly.

Burglars had taken advantage of the lack of security on the island, but soon after your arrival, crime plummeted-- not that that was an undesirable thing.

It was great for everyone on the island. It just seemed unnecessary for you to stay any longer. You wanted to see your family and friends, to see the mountains, trees, and cities.

You wanted anything but the tired old ocean you stared across every day.

You made your rounds about the island, as you do every day. You checked in on the laboratory, and they still complain about the lack of a port.

Speak to the villagers, and they say they grew up fine without port access. The Pokecenter and shop are the same as always, just waiting for those who need help.

And finally, you end in Blaine's gym.

Ka-click! Ka-click ka-click!

Or outside of the gym. You looked up just in time to see Blaine skirt around the building towards you.

"Good to see you! Glad to see that the building doesn't just hate me." Blaine chuckled at his own joke as he leaned on the door. "Yep, I've lost the key somewhere.

Will you look for them for me?"

That's Blaine for you. "Don't worry, I'm on it."

"I'm glad I've got Cinnabar's police force on the case!" He ruffled your hair, and seemed to think before speaking again.

"I'm going to try to break in through the window in case they got locked inside.

Good luck on your search!" Okay, you may have a role on the island, but you never thought it would be to watch over your adopted uncle figure.

Rather than search for the keys, you settled on finding your spare set you kept for these occasions. Before handing them over, though, you headed over to the lab to make a few more extra copies.

"Sorry (Y/n), we actually got some fossils today, so it's all hands on deck!" There goes that plan. You should definitely look for the original keys.

"The last place I saw Blaine at was the mansion, by the way! That's what I told our fossil-bringer too!" Convenient, but...

"Why would you just tell a stranger where to find the keys to the gym?"

"No one that into fossils could be all that bad. Plus, she was adorable." You excused yourself, and made haste to the abandoned mansion north of the lab.

You could hear some kind of scuffle from outside the mansion, but whether it was pokemon or human was unknown. You hefted the imposing door open, and the racket became clearer.

A battle was echoing up from the basement stairwell. The worn and mildewed carpet replaced footfall with muted squelching.

Trainers cursed at you for chasing away the pokemon they were after, but you took no heed.

Though it was dark and the steps were slick, you took them two at a time-- and immediately lost your footing.

"Saur...?" Tentative footsteps made way toward you. The offensive moldy smell of the Mansion's basement was masked by the sweet smell of flowers, calming yet invigorating.

You pushed yourself onto your feet and made a weak attempt to climb back up the stairs, but missed and fell down face-first.

Something wet made itself known on your arm, and left a slimy trail in its wake.


"Yeah, they look pretty shaken up. I don't really know what to do in this situation, bud. Should we just... leave them?"

"Saur." A grunt echoed through the definitive statement.

"Fine, fine."

You stirred as you felt velveteen ropes tightening around your body, while a smooth rocking motion threatened to lull you back into unconsciousness.

The ropes tighten and fall looser rhythmically-- no, that has to be a wall behind you... swelling? Despite protest, you managed to winch your eyes open.

You winced at the sunlight, and fell dizzy. The world seemed like it was moving past you, making your head spin. Why did everything hurt?

You could hear someone speaking nearby, but not a voice you recognized. You tried to rally yourself up to move, until you heard a deep, gruff voice ask, "You sore?"

You huffed and twisted your face, putting on a show whether you were being watched or not. "Why yes, I am, thank you very much."


"I just said I am!" Aggravated, tired, confused, and scared was not a fun mix for anyone.

Everything seemed to halt around you, and you opened your eyes to be met with curious hazel eyes not far from you. She leaped back, as if you could do something as you are now.

"Oh! Oh, you're awake. You kinda slipped out of it for a bit there, bud! I was gonna leave ya, but this big guy didn't seem to like that idea.

" She patted next to you, and a "Ven!" rumbled from below you. "I just want to know-- what got you shouting back here?"

Ven. You sore. Venusaur.

"Doesn't matter, can I please just get down?" The vines loosened, and you landed on your feet beside the girl. "Who are you, anyway?"

"I'm Green! And you can probably guess big'n's name!" She giggled and patted her partner once more. "But I'm off to see the gym leader, now that I found his keys.

See ya around!" She skipped off, Venusaur puttering after her.

With the sun now setting, you retired to your home, unable to get a certain fossil-bringing, mansion-snooping, unconscious-body-taking girl out of your mind...

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