Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Misty
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Misty pokemon stories

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In which you meet Misty, the second gym leader in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Misty

Lavender Town was a peaceful place with few places of note, a gym not being one. It wasn't the best place for a trainer or their pokemon to live.

You could only train against the magikarp and goldeen to the south of town, the onix and geodudes to the north, or the growlithes and voltorb to the west.

You had a modest team: A cubone you met when you were young, a stray meowth that began to trust you after feeding it, and a magikarp you won at a fair.

You decided to try training after years of watching gym battles on television. Your favorite challenges were at the second Kanto gym, Misty.

It wasn't like you had a crush on her or anything! Or maybe you did! Either way, how she battled, her grace in losing, her joy in victory... you really admired her.

Until recently, you've never had a chance to meet her. You were delighted to hear that she would be scouting in your area, but at the same time, it sowed worry into you.

Were you good enough? Could you really stand up to Misty with your ragtag team?

You decided to train as hard as you could, then on the final day, you'd have to be strong enough! This was your only chance of meeting-- wait, is she there by the water?

You lost you balance, and fell in the stream. Misty took notice, and rushed over to help. Though slick with water, she was able to help pull you onto the bank.

"Are you okay? I was watching you train, and you just fell in!"

She was watching you? You sighed to yourself. "Do you want the story that makes me seem slightly cooler, or the truth?"

She made a face. "The truth, I guess?"

"I noticed you, and I just sort of..." You made the best splashing noise with your mouth as you could. "Yeah."

She giggled. "Sorry to make you nervous! I just was impressed by your magikarp... by the looks of it, it should evolve soon! Lots of trainers don't have the patience to evolve a magikarp.

May I see your other pokemon?"

You felt the heat in your cheeks, but agreed anyway. You called your meowth and cubone out, and they immediately went to investigate Misty.

You supposed they recognized her, since you did enjoy company while watching the league.

Meowth rubbed against her legs, and Cubone gave her shoe a gentle tap with its bone-- a subtle sign of acceptance! She crouched to pet them, and looked up at you.

"I can tell that you really care about your pokemon." You aren't sure how long you talked to Misty, but it was plenty long enough for your clothes to dry.

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