Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Brock
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Brock pokemon stories

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In which you meet Brock, the first gym leader in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Brock

A chilly breeze hit you as you walked past the pond that sits before Mount Moon. The cold draft that runs down the mountain side is all that ever disturbed the serene surface.

The newly formed dew of the night left a dark trail as you walked through the grass. The stars reflected in the small puddles stared up at you as you avoid stepping in them.

The empty bag on your back bounced with your every movement, light and ready to be filled.

You shuffled along, combing the ground for anything of use: fossils, rare stones, dropped items, all things regularly found on such trips.

Flick... tap tap... flick flick... tap...flick!

The yellow light flushed out the dark in front of you and made the damp cave floor shine. A quick scan back and forth with the flashlight confirmed you were alone, as usual.

You inched along the slick floor, avoiding diglett holes and geodude fingers.

Dropped items, varying from litter to a single, small pearl, likely produced by a passing trainer's pokemon, were all placed in your bag, either to be used or disposed of properly.

Mount Moon was basically your backyard, after all-- a definite perk of living in the outskirts of Pewter City.

Generally, during the day, you helped trainers who passed by, either by letting them rest, or sharing some of the items you've found on your trips that you have far too many to ever run out.

At night, however, you loved skimming the cave, even if all you found was trash. Mount Moon always had a cool comfort to it, reminding you that you're alone in the gentlest of ways.

So tenderly did the walls whisper back every sound you made, with the light babble of dripping, barely running water behind it.

Just around the corner, you noticed someone's shoe. Though it was a funny thought, seeing someone sock-footed trying to navigate the cave, it seemed too gross to leave behind.

You tried to pick it up, only to feel resistance.


You jumped when you heard the voice, followed by embarrassment. You just tried to yank some guy's shoe off!

"Oh!" You jumped backward, and accidentally tossed your flashlight aside.

Upon hitting the ground, you heard the batteries jiggle in their place and roll into the perfect position to illuminate your shoe-napping victim...

Pewter's gym leader, Brock?! A regional celebrity!

"I am sooo, so so sorry, Mr. Harrison, I thought-- you were-- I was--"

"Hey, hey, it's fine." He reached for your flashlight, and switched it off before handing it to you. "No harm done. And you can just call me Brock.

Arceus, you had to be dreaming. You could feel yourself waking up now, yes!

And then you hit the floor.

You actually woke up inside Pewter's gym with Brock at your side, excited to see you conscious. Your head was propped up on his over-shirt, leaving him in a black, fitted t-shirt.

Goosebumps coated both of your arms and legs from the night's chill. It must be much later than when you left your house.

"Are you okay? It seems like you ran your blood pressure high, or something like that at least. Either way, you just kind of..." he motioned at you, trying to find the word. "...Collapsed?"

You propped yourself up with your elbows, and looked around. You never really visited Pewter City for anything but groceries. The gym looked like a man-made cave from the inside.

As your eyes wandered, you felt him place his hand on your forehead, making you all too aware of the burning in your cheeks.

"Your face is still really warm."

You pulled slightly from his hand. "I swear I'm okay! I'm just really..."

"Tired?" Not what you were going to say, but it was easier to agree.

"Let me walk you home, at least. Or you could stay with me, if you're not sure you can make it."

You'd always heard about how much of a flirt this Brock was, but he hadn't attempted anything so far-- unless his plan was to lure you into a false sense of security!

Then again, who would want the person who tried to steal your shoe and immediately fainted? After all, a walk all the way from the west side of the city to your home sounded exhausting.

His smile was soft and reassuring as you explained that you lived outside the city. He brought you to his home, just north of the gym, and gave up his bed for you, while he slept on the couch.

You slept so hard, you didn't even realize you'd slept-- you simply turned over and saw daylight, and noticed the clock that proved you had slept for roughly 12 hours. 12 hours!?

As you crept downstairs, you couldn't help but notice the smell of something divine. Just around the corner, Brock was plating the breakfast he made for both of you to share.

He yawned, drawing a bit of teariness to his eyes.

"Ah, I was just about to check on you. Hungry?" After eating, he insisted on walking you home, just in case something happened along the way.

"But what about the gym?"

If this is flirting, it's definitely better than any of the lines you've heard before.

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