Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Bill
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Bill pokemon stories

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In which you meet Bill, developer of the CPU Box System in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Meeting Bill

"Arceus! Just work!" You slammed the AC adapter for your at-home Pokemon Transfer Unit down in frustration. The small cube, unassuming in nature, was the source of all of this week's problems.

Supposedly, it could transfer pokemon to and from anywhere in a flash! However, yours wouldn't even turn on.

You had recently moved to Cerulean City from another region. Just before you left, by the plane's tarmac, you met a man selling these. Perhaps it was a mistake.

You slipped the offending cube into a pocket in your bag where it would be easy to reach-- you had just heard that whoever developed the CPU system lived a short distance away-- with a plan in mind.

You marched through town, ready for an answer. You avoided hoards of trainers, explaining that you didn't have any pokemon.

As you caught sight of the little seaside cottage, a rage unknown by mankind was stoked within you. You sprinted for the last stretch, and laid three curt knocks out on the door.

"One second please! Sorry!" A small growl made its way up your throat. After a few moments, the door swung open to reveal a stressed-out young man.

"All right, how'd you get outside, you little--" as a streak of brown fur ran by, both of you leaped to catch it-- and proceeded to knock your heads together.

While the man was forced to his knees on impact, you were knocked on your rear.

The escapee, pleased by the chaos she had caused, sauntered back over and settled herself in your lap with a baby-doll eyed stare and an inquisitive "Vee?"

Well, you weren't upset anymore! The eevee tickled your nose with her tail as she looked up at the man, both of you notably calmed down.

She looked back at you once more, and your eyes shifted from her brown eyes, to the brown eyes of the man who was stooped to his knees in front of you.

"Hey, my name's Bill! Pleased to meet ya!" He took your hand in a firm handshake with a warm smile.

You couldn't lie, you expected a decrepit 60-some year-old, but Bill couldn't have been more than twenty-five. You murmured your name, completely taken aback by his appearance.

You felt a good bit of weight lifted from your lap-- although Eevee's claws tried to find a grip in your clothes, Bill pulled her away without incident.

"And this spoiled little thing is my Eevee." She huffed, seemingly upset to have been away taken from her cozy spot on your lap.

Bill's head snapped up. "Wait! Are you okay? Come inside!" He grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet, then shut the door behind you. "That was a nasty bump-- I know, I was there!"

Inside the cottage was much cooler than expected, and you felt the hair on your arms stand up in response. Bill noticed, and tossed you a blanket from the couch.

"Good reaction time, I think you're okay." He collapsed on the couch with a deep sigh. "I was worried.

" His chest rose and fell from under his lavender button-up, and his hands rested on his knees. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his hair was full and curly.

You took small steps towards him, not wanting to step on Eevee as she weaved through your legs.

"Bill?" Immediately, his eyes met yours. "I had a question about this..." You trailed off as you dug in your bag and produced the cube.

"What?! This is an old prototype of mine! Never got it to work, though. Where'd you find it?"

You explained the source of the prototype, or at least, your version of it. Meanwhile, Bill remained quiet and attentive.

"I guess a blueprint got leaked, or something. It's fine though! I'll have the transfer of your pokemon expedited by a few days by doing it in my lab.

If I could have your number, I can call you once I've got the software set up. I've needed to do that for months, but I've been putting it off. You'll be my test subject!"

After exchanging numbers, you left for home with the hope of getting to see Bill soon-- and the secret hope it won't be the last of your encounters.

Perhaps buying that prototype wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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