Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Getting to Know Green
Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Getting to Know Green pokemon stories

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In which you get to know Green, the female protagonist of Fire Red and Leaf Green! There will be more, split into separate stories!

Pokemon Scenarios |Kanto| Getting to Know Green

At least once a week, before your day started, you would hear three knocks at your door, cuing you to answer to your newfound friend, Green.

She trotted beside you as you made your rounds, breathing life into what was usually a dreaded thing. She giggled and joked through each interaction, charming all folks.

Blaine especially took a shine to her. He'd always ask about where your "girlfriend" was.

Green said herself that she only visits for the sights; then again, why did she spend the whole day with you if that was true?

You weren't sure, but you did know one thing: you would love many more days sitting outside with her on the beach, talking until sunset.

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