Toilet Paper
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ttscott Timeless in a chaotic world
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I just want a pack of toilet paper

Toilet Paper

So we're doing this thing called quarantine

Work told me not you Clock in Your essential just make sure to keep your hands clean

Well it was a commitment I made On some I'm going to save the world type dream I promise I really thought about this on a grander scheme

I'm not complaining just saying don't defy the Uniform Code Your heartbeat will skip on what Military Justice really means

It feels like I'm in the hunger games They ask whats your district? Not whats your name?

Meanwhile, you got people screaming

Pandemic, pandemic, pandemic!!!

Hurry up buy all the toilet paper Like thats how you quarantine

This is not a joke people are scared and going insane

Clean cheeks has become the new thing

With this pandemic that has made it way onto the scene Does cleaning your cheeks really stop this virus from spreading all over the scene

But can you please leave a pack of toilet paper for me


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