Maintenance Required
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ttscott Timeless in a chaotic world
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When your check engine of life comes on

Maintenance Required

Most days I'm like a dipstick with no oil on it

My check engine light is on and I'm over heating

Thinking if I just turn the music up louder it will all go away

My brake pedal presses all the way down to the floor

I really hope I come to a complete stop

My doors don't lock so people open and close the door at their own convenience

That change I had in my cup holder is now as empty as the passenger seat to my right

My windows are stuck halfway down

Nothing to shelter me from the harshness that is my life

My headlights don't work riding without guidance

Hoping these streetlights don't go out and I don't fade out in silence

Riding on four flats and I so happen to be in a Cadillac

The air I had in my lung still wasn't enough to fill those tires

"My license been expired I'll renew it after the weekend Fuck I know I said that shit the last 7 weekends" (Aubrey "Drake" Graham-Connect)

"I guess procrastination is my weakness" (Aubrey "Drake" Graham-Connect)

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