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ttscott Timeless in a chaotic world
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Is it really just an orange or is it orange?
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Life Orange

I was told write about orange

Isn't that just a color or a fruit?

Orange as the color of the shirt the lady next to me is wearing or the orange in her hand

Fall as orange of the leaves that fall in mid-October

Hoodies and sweatpants now thats my season

Orange as that fire that burns during the laugher of friends at a bonfire

Sunrise as orange as the happy medium between earth and the tilting axis

So I know its going to be a brighter day so I keep my head up

Orange as the inner workings of my soul so I must be on another level

Orange as orange of the one I now hold in my hand

Ready to devour all its citrus juice like the Minute Maid juice that comes in a can

Orange as the thought that hits just before I dive in its a marathon not a sprint til the end

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