Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Black Shell (Part 1)
Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Black Shell (Part 1)  horror stories

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"To die for ones country is an honor! No matter how terrifying it may be we must all prepare ourselves for this day! For our families, for our lovers and of course for the Kingdom of Solis! We of the guard gladly die in the name of keeping the peace! For we prevent the darkness of the night from slipping in to the city walls just as they did so many years ago!"

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Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Black Shell (Part 1)

"Get that fucking cross shot to the front of the line, elf!"

"You idiot! Smell those gases you-" As one of the soldiers protested the use of the firearm, he was cut off by an explosion followed by a monstrous shake of the infrastructure where Blu and the other survivors resided. Right call, bad timing.

The group ahead of the barricade was now, unfortunately, quite dead. If the explosion hadn't killed them the beast would surely enjoy picking off those who so unluckily survived the blast.

Blu bit the inside of his cheek and held his hand over his shoulder grasping the nasty gash the wicked women left him off with.

His undershirt, once an unwashed white, now glimmered with freshly bled red, "She got me good." he mumbled as he began to limp towards the dying girl. "Ah shit... that's... witch...

" Catching his balance had no avail as Blu's legs gave out once more and he fell over landing hard on his back, his vision was getting fuzzy. A clear sign that he was losing too much blood.

He didn't have the time to just die here, it was simply out of the question. He had to get back to her. He needed to finish what he started. To die here would be a waste.

But maybe for just a few moments he'd close his eyes and rest. His age was catching up with him. He was no longer the spry young marine he once was.

If he were ten years younger maybe that fight would have ended differently. But alas he basically got the shit kicked out of him.

As if he were a small puppy and the beast being a heavy set animal abuser, nothing good nor fair came from that fight.

He would need to rethink his strategy if he was going to bring down this walking natural disaster.

"We need to keep our distance, she's tearing through our armor like its parchment. Did anyone even see a blade in her hand?"

"Fuck no she just started swiping at us like a bloody snow cat. I've never seen anything like it, foreman. Not even goblins have that ability at their fingertips."

"Wake the fuck up, bounty hunter!" A soldier kicked Blu in the gut and frowned. Blu slowly opened his eyes and blinked with that of pure annoyance painting his fatigued face.

The soldier standing above him was missing a part of his hand and was covered in gouges. Clearly not deep enough to put him in the same state as Blu but here the young man was still fighting.

Blu didn't have an excuse it seemed. If a boy soldier could take that punishment and still mustered the ability to get his shit together than so be it.

Getting himself right back up he shoved the soldier out of the way and sighed. This shtick was getting old. No dying today. No.

After this job sure but for now he had to gather himself and go after that monster before she found her way to the last of the survivors or even worse escape the mine and set her sights

on Solis. With that much destruction in her eager little hands she would cause problems far larger than she was causing for sure. Hell to Blu this was an understatement.

She went one on one with a marine and won, something few could do by themselves.

"All arms!" Blu's military experience took control as he attempted to adjust his shoulder forcing it to let out a vulgar crack. Broken probably. But he only needed one good arm.

"You are not heroes! Humanity, elven, shit that dwarf over there with the fancy beard! We got something in common, don't we?! We like living.

We like our drink and we sure as hell love fucking! So, if you want to go home to your men and women for a nice drink and a night in one another's arms then take what shit you can and go!".

Reaching down he unholstered his side arm and pulled back the hammer, "Or you can stay here and burn with me! Either way I'm killing the devil today!

Send my regards to Soma and the rest of your noble masters!"

Blu marched to the barricaded door after his brave words and launched a kick at it with all of his might.

Like a dead tree falling in the forest in mid winter the chamber door slammed to the ground.

Most of the servicemen gathered their things and prepared to make a run for it while a few others gathered their courage and decided to stay at Blu's side to hold off the monster.

"You crazy bastard.

Alright!" One of the three surviving commanding officer clapped his hands together, "You heard the sea dog we're leaving!

If ya crazy assholes somehow make it out of this the first round is on me! Shit I'll buy the whole damn Inn if needed just make it back with that woman's head in a bag!

" He nodded to Blu and shouldered the dying witch while another men grabbed stood behind them to secure her body safely.

The escape group shifted off and detached from Blu's attack force, quickly vanishing in to the only known pathway that'd lead them to sunlight.

Blu thought to himself how cliche that officer was just now. Had he ever read a book? When people say stuff like that it tends to mean everyone is about to die.

If there were wood in this mine he'd be knocking on every piece he could find.

"Get her home. Get her back to Rosetta where she belongs." Blu turned around and began to descend down the dark hall once the silhouettes of the retreating force disappeared in to the darkness.

Once filled with the commotions of battle and slaughter, now replaced with dreadful silence and the groans of the dying, the mine felt still. Erie even.

Several soldiers followed behind Blu gripping their weapons with shaking anxiety.

Most of which were young men and women who volunteered their lives to the military just to keep their families fed. Blu was wrong.

His respect for the Solis Guard and the hundreds of thousands that served it immensely increased this day.

The fact that many just sacrificed themselves to keep her away from the wounded was one thing.

But to witness all that and go back for round two, well, he had a thing or two to learn from this new generation of warriors.

Black smiled as her chin rested on her knees, "Go on. You can do it." she teased as a man nearly torn in two desperately tried to reach for his service rifle.

"That's it! There ya go! Get that boom stick and show me who's boss!" She cheerfully exclaimed as his hands finally wrapped around it.

With all of his might the man turned around on his back and slowly lifted the weapon up pointing it at the demon wearing human flesh.

"May the gods send you to burn for all eternity, beast." As he pulled the trigger a depressing 'click' replaced what should have been a gunshot followed by exploding gas.

She just continued to smile at him as he pulled the trigger again and again until he finally started to break down.

He began to sob as his grip let go of it and his head fell back to the ground, the sinking realization that he was going to die now in full affect.

"Shame." She frowned and hopped up.

"Weird how only moments ago I looked like something out of a scary bed time story? But?" Her ruby eyes sparkled as she watched the cuts on her arms and hands heal at an unnatural speed.

"Ya know it's sorta funny how things turned out. Here I was going around massacring you people for shits and giggles.

" Now standing above him she dusted herself off reenlisting her smile to her lips, "But now I see. I've been doing it all wrong." Her foot stomped on the man's chest making him spit up blood.

"Oh, hush I'm not done yet." Another giggle escaped her lips as she reached down and picked up a small dagger. One of the same ones the cultists used to gut her alive.

"I've always wanted to try something so hold still, kay? Just gonna be a second!"

"Hey there." Black was launched in to the darkness by the sheer brutality of eastern might. A young woman's form engulfed the dying soldier's eyes as he smiled happily. So graceful was she.

A true beauty in the darkness had come to see him out of this world. Any dying man would be lucky to witness this sight, he thought. It was okay to let go now.

He did his job well in service to Solis and all of her people.

"A... An Angel?" His eyes shut for the very last time.

"Bounty Hunter? What exactly happened here? They told us we were on cleanup and arrests. Not this. I just lost a lot of good friends to whatever these cultists unleashed.

" One of the soldiers, a girl no older than eighteen, spoke to Blu with sadness hanging on her tongue. A soldier's life in Solis was simple. Peaceful even.

There was a lot of policing to be done sure but never had she experienced something like this. Months of training basically wasted because of one woman.

Her unit was famous for taking down ogres with nearly no causalities every time.

When they weren't doing that, they were policing the country side and fending off the occasional attack from raiders or cultists.

This was all so terrifying if not embarrassing to the men and women of the Solis Military. But could you blame them? These were considered peace times.

Even Solis Knights or the famous Ocean Stalkers of the Northern Marines, a branch of the North's Navy Blu knew very well, would have trouble in this scenario.

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