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by tteotw

It's like a drug

Believe me, I know it's addictive.

I've been there, too.

It's not worth the pain

The tears.

Or the loss

Your misery may be caused by these things

Like ripples in water, starting with something small and stretching to encompass your universe. Your life.

But misery...it amplifies the cause.

And like a drug, it causes you pain, in the long run.

But we tend to ignore this simple knowledge when we are sad.

We tell ourselves that it is not our fault.

We find someone to blame

Or maybe we blame ourselves.

And we hate ourselves.

Nothing gets better, though.

At least, not if we destroy ourselves with shards of the past.

No...we shouldn't destroy ourselves, even if we deserve it.

Because if we destroy ourselves...

Who will be left to clean up the mess?

No one will find us again. No one will see us.

They may not have understood before.

But we still have someone.

We may not know them. But we will, one day.

It seems pathetic to cling to the hope of someone

we have not met.

But we do need something to look forwards to.

Even if we are forced to peer through shattered glass, holding a broken heart in our hands.

Misery is endless. Misery is pointless.

If we hold on to it, it will never let go of us.

We should do ourselves a favour, and let go of it quickly.

Misery should not control us.

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