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by tteotw

Some lives, they say, are linked across time

As if it was "meant to be"

Friends are destiny

Love is destiny

Stories and adventures are destiny

I can't say why, really.

Things are that.

It's like someone already wrote our story.

They wrote our conflicted feelings

Our Struggles

Our journey

Our adventures

Like they were filling a blank page with whatever they could

Like they maybe wanted to live a different life in writing

It's a strange train of thoughts.

Ha. The "Book of Destiny"

Really, Sylvia?

Is what you're all thinking

But if everyone goes on about destiny,

There has to be someone behind it all. Right?

It's like everything we do

Is just searching

Searching for the scattered lines of text

In our little corner of this grand design

This grand blueprint of a book, maybe

Or a rock. Or something else. Anything, really

If I've learned one thing.

I learned that it's all about the journey

About the choices we make on the way to the end of our story

Is it not funny?

Many a wise man said that we are all connected.

If the grand design were a book, then we truly would be.


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tteotwJust another Dreamer.
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tteotwJust another Dreamer.
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tteotwJust another Dreamer.
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Our Decisions

tteotwJust another Dreamer.
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@bernardtwindwil Thank you!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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I have never seen a more beautiful portrayal of sub-particle quantum physics. Your wording and verse structure were nothing short of spectacular. Someday we will have a discussion why I think this poem is 100% spot on. Great poem!!!!!