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by tteotw

How superficial do humans get?

The answer is VERY.

It does not VARY.

We are very superficial.

We say: slim

We say: tall

We say: pretty

You ask why I showed the back of the "pretty" person?

Because when we say someone is pretty,

Are we really looking at them?

Or are we just saying something we think?

I never said there was anything wrong with thinking someone

Is pretty

There isn't.

It might just be worth your while to look under the surface.

See what they're like beneath.

Are they still beautiful?

Or does it bother you

That they might be scattered inside

Maybe you don't want to pick up their pieces.

Beauty isn't only from the outside.

In my view, the one who can't stand a scattered mess on the inside is the ugly one. The one who might be just as pretty as the mess on the outside, but oh so superficial inside.

Beauty. What a funny thing to think of.

I did say once that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What are your eyes like? What are you seeing?

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