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tone tags !! tone tags stories
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tteokdoroki ur local anime slut / milf lover
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description yuh wowowow im so swag

tone tags !!

wowow two posts in one day might as well call me the commaful queen right heheh /j

okok no a lot of you are probably like "eunni whats up with the /j's and the /lh's and shit that you put on your posts" and that is exactly what im here to explain

so these are called tone tags everyone say it with me "tone tags" so basically tone tags are used to show what tone things are supposed to be read in if that makes sense.

im sure everyone on here has looked at a text before and was like "wait is this person actually mad or just joking around" or some variation of that, right?

tone tags are used to help with that !!

tone tags are especially helpful to neurodivergent people, as well as people like me who just have trouble figuring out what people mean.

so im gonna put some of the most common/helpful ones in here but i would definitely recommend looking up a full list! i'll also include examples of how to use them

/j - joking /hj - half joking /lh - light-hearted /nm - not mad /nsx or /nsex - not sexual /sx or /sex - sexual /jov - jokingly overreacting (not super common but i use it a lot) /srs - serious /g or /gen - genuine /gen or /genq - genuine question /p - platonic

examples! i hate u /j /lh /nm wowow u look so hot in that pic! /nsx /p holy fuck thats hot /sx OML I JUST TRIPPED OVER MY SHOE IM GONNA COMMIT ARSON /jov hey can someone message me i kinda need help rn /srs nono thats not bad at all i rly love it !! /gen [cont. on next page]

hey can someone pls explain to me why u cant be racist to white people /genq (shameless self-promo u should check out my "why you cant be racist to white people" post lololol i'll link it in the comments) if youre cishet in 2021 what are u even doing /hj

im probably forgetting a ton but thats all i can think of off the top of my head lmao.

as far as i can tell tone tags are mostly used on twitter and q but im gonna try and get em used on here too because as nice as people are on here it doesnt seem super inclusive if that makes sense at all ??

like its not super system-safe, ive only encountered singlets on here, and overall i just feel like we could make it more welcoming to all different kinds of people, and i think tone tags are a big step that could help with that.

another important thing to note; DO NOT USE TONE TAGS AS A JOKE. it defeats the whole purpose and if you do that youre not funny, youre just an asshole. dont be that guy. i can and will make an extremely aesthetic callout on you and end your entire online existence /hj

i get how some of you might be like "tf ?? thats weird" and i thought it was weird too at first but theyre actually really helpful. also if i see a single one of you fuckers saying something like "keep that shit on q or twt" i'll fuck your mom and make you my step-kid (/j but seriously dont). and yes, i'm looking at /you/ [redacted] you know who you are.

please please boost this as much as you can because its rly important !! especially those of you with larger followings.

n e wayz thats it for this post bye bye lmao

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