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stop asian hate

so ive seen a few BLM posts on here and while that is important and valid asf ive seen an appalling lack of awareness raised on here about the asian hate crimes being committed so thats what im here to spread.

and before anyone comes at me in the comments about /my/ race, i'm wasian, which means half white, half asian. korean, to be exact.

small disclaimer: this will be about asian hate crimes in /america/ because thats where i live and what im most educated on. also ignore any typos pls im too lazy to proofread <//3 anyways continuing.

something i find hilarious is the fact that whites will consume east asian culture avidly but when we need help its radio silence. like ive met some crazy kpop stans and weebs and its always nice to find people who appreciate our culture and art but the second we need you to stand for us you've disappeared.

people fetishize asians on an unreal level (which is fucking disgusting btw), so you would think that they would try and help a little bit, right? nope. the level of hate crimes committed against asian americans has risen to ONE THOUSAND AND NINE HUNDRED PERCENT.

asian americans are becoming the victims of hate crimes and sexual assault, even more so than before covid, and people arent doing anything about it. i live in los angeles, one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in america, and /im/ concerned about this. thats honestly crazy.

im concerned my grandmother or my dad might be assaulted when they go out to get groceries. im concerned that my girlfriend's japanese grandparents might be assaulted when /they/ go out to get groceries.

im concerned for my asian friends and even my wasian friends who cant pass for white the same way i can. this needs to stop NOW.

so how can you help? you can attend protests, give money to donations and sign petitions. support asians by buying their products. remember that america was /built/ on racism. this is not the "land of the free" that you might learn about in school.

and if you are white, be aware of your privilege, because white privilege /is/ a thing, and if you dont think so then you need to get 👏 educated 👏.

and for the other asians reading this, pls stay strong. dont let this get to you, you are amazing and beautiful and loved and these hate crimes do not represent the way most of america feels about us. keep your head held high and remember to keep compassion in your heart as well, not just resentment.

resentment breeds more resentment which is how we got here. (the whites were jealous that we were so much cooler than them [/J PLS IT WAS A JOKE DONT CANCEL ME I BEG OF U])

anyways yeah stop asian hate. thats it. have a nice day or dont idc /lh <33

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