October 30
October 30
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tsukubasan Sharing and connecting.
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A bitter sweet memory.

October 30

Old friend, We were like peas in a pod. Do you remember?

Building dens in your parents living room, the one for best Searching for El Dorado and the Lost Cities of Gold Shuffling autumn leaves down the Cricket Path.

And the dinner ladies at school who made us eat Different food because We always asked for the same.

And the way our friends teased us and said we were “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” which Made me embarrassed but happy at the same time, and

Then I lost you.

Years later we met again Our friends said it was destiny Like some stupid movie, but

It wasn’t The right time

And life moves on.

This was all a long, long time ago But I still remember That date.

Happy Birthday, old friend.

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