Breath Of A Flower.
Breath Of A Flower. love stories

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The breath of a flower is magical.

Breath Of A Flower.

I let you lead me to wherever it is you want us to go. Blindly, I follow as your perfumed trail invisibly wraps my vision in the vision of what awaits.

Our bodies are flushed with passion, and we fall, in love. Our eyes close, as a curtain made of magic covers us, spellbound in a universe with only two planets made of Hope and desire

Our bodies tremble as we stare into each other's eyes. Our lips touch....our hearts beat wildly, racing to an unseen ending...

Laying chest to chest, lip to lip, we open our eyes and see our hope, our desire...our reality you fall to my side. I can feel your eyes looking g at me as your lips press against my neck, the warmth of your breath makes me believe if a flower breathes, this is how it must feel.

I knew you would lead us to where we needed to be. We didn't need to kiss to know the truth of our hearts. The power of our chemistry was simply revealed in the sweetness of your breath.

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