Beautiful Poison.
Beautiful Poison. regret stories
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Sometimes Paradise is actually Hell.

Beautiful Poison.

She's intoxicating and appears to be as whimsical as you want her to be. She welcomes you with a radiance and charm that wraps around your thoughts, and numbs your sensibility.

When you leave, she taps on your memory and teases you to come back. Your memory paints a picture of how beautiful you believe she is.

Her warmth and brilliance sings in a duet with the Sun.

When you fall in love with her, reality and dreams combine, and you live in the perfect place within your mind... Sweetly scented flowers, topped with blue skies that are peppered with frosty clouds.

After she reveals herself, the inside of her heart becomes vindictive and silently pumps poison into your veins. One day you awake, the Sun is shining,but the clouds fight back any beams of hope. You lay in bed, breathing in silent desperation.

The darkness of her true self has engulfed you. Each step and thought you have is to leave. The place you thought was beautiful and glorious was only a deception. It's poisonous. From the inside out.

She's a beautiful prison. Her beauty hides the ugliness of her soul, and what she will do to yours , but you don't know how she really is until you see her from the inside.

When the clouds of desperation release droplets of reality, you'll eventually lay in a flood of regret... That's when you realize you should never let your heart go shopping, because it will buy everything it wants.

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