The girl in my Library.

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The story about the girl in my library...

The girl in my Library.

Sid had just finished moving into his new apartment in the city of Kolkata.

He was a 28-year-old working with an MNC ever since he got out of college, he was making good money and had a bright career ahead of him.

While Sid was unpacking his books he found a novel from his college days, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. As he flipped through the pages he reckoned about the girl who suggested him the book.

7 years ago.

Sid had always been an introvert. To him the college library had always been his second home.

Even in his final year of college he barely had any friends, he was a decent student who was just average at most things. But in his last semester, someone caught his eye.

Sitting on the last table was a girl with lush brown hair and pale white skin he assumed that she was a foreign student, days passed as she sat in the same spot,

breezing through the best fiction novels in the library. After about 2 weeks he finally gathered up the courage to talk to her.

Sid - Hey, I am Sid. I have seen you in the library for a few weeks and ...

Girl -So you are a stalker?

Sid -No! Of course not I just see you often in the library and thought maybe you would like to grab coffee?

Girl - I don't drink coffee with stalkers.

Sid - I am not a stalker. Daily I see you sitting alone in the library and thought maybe you would like to talk if you don't, that's cool...

is that the last Pendragon book? I thought it wasn't available in the library.

Girl - It was there on the discarded shelf; it's missing a few pages. Have you read the series?

Sid- I have, love the character Mark.

Girl - He dies in the 3rd chapter.

Sid- Why did you spoil it!

Girl - haha serves the stalker right.

That's how they started talking, her name was Pihu and she was from Sikkim. Weeks passed as Sid and Pihu discussed about dozens of novels.

But much to Sid's disappointment all they ever talked about was books. It was clear to him that he liked her, but did she? Weeks passed but he couldn't find an end to his dilemma.

As graduation drew closer he made up his mind. On the last day of college 30 minutes before they were supposed to meet for the last time in the college library.

He left her a note confessing his and asking her to meet at a nearby cafe at 7 pm. After leaving the note he rushed to farewell party and later that day at exactly 6:30 pm he reached the cafe.

Reading through Pihu's latest recommendation The Alchemist, at exactly 6:55 pm, he stopped reading just a few pages short of completing the novel.

Minutes passed and then hours, he didn't leave the cafe until it was closing time. After the cafe closed Sid went back home and cried himself to sleep.

Present Day.

He still remembered clearly how awful he was for the following month. As he flipped through the pages he found a bookmark he made that day in the cafe.

He roughly remembered the plot and the book was nearing its climax, Sid decided to finish the book he started 7 years ago.

In about 5 minutes Sid completed the book and the moment he read the last word, the doorbell rang. Sid somewhat surprised by the coincidence took a moment to answer the bell.

Standing on his doorstep was a man who looked like he was in his early 20s.

Sid- Hello...How may I help you?

Sam- Hey I am Sam and I live next door, do you need any help unpacking?

Sid- man I am almost done thanks anyway.

Sam- Ok man sees you around.

Sid- yup see you around.

As Sid closed the door deep down he felt somewhat disappointed. As he picked up the book he found something strange.

This book was not The Alchemist and sticking on it was a note, "you'll probably like this one too, Stalker."

-The End Share your feedback and connect with me on Ig - Tsar.921

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