Thoughts on Logan Paul
Thoughts on Logan Paul logan paul stories

trystanmonikahu Community member
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short thoughts on the Logan Paul situation

Thoughts on Logan Paul

While I've barely paid attention to Logan Paul and have not minded back then if he was on my sister's tablet,

the fact that he has completely disrespected Japanese culture and of course the victim and his family has completely turned me off from ever wanting to watch his content.

" He didn't mean to 'do that'" Yes, while it may have been a normal reaction to a situation at the end of the day,

it is his and his teams responsibility to research his target audience and to not add any content that goes against YouTube's policies.

"But he apologized!!!" you might yell, and yes while he did apologize, words mean so little when the action, or sincerity isn't there.

I could infact say I'm sorry to someone for something I did, but if there is no action ( ie me trying to do something to fix it) or sincerity then it is just air.

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