i just want you happy by d.j.
i just want you happy by d.j. unrequited love stories

trxstluv my emotions get the best of me, always
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your heartbreak breaks my heart, id love to fix it, but i lack the tools

i just want you happy by d.j.

i can see the hollowness in your soul when you fake laugh and think no one can tell the difference

my heart aches when i think of those gorgeous eyes, the ones that peer deep into my being, shedding even so much as a single tear over someone who is not worthy of your unconditional love

i feel sick when you talk about missing her, wishing it was me instead, but if it were me, i wouldn’t leave your side long enough for you to miss me

but for you, i’d listen to you rant about her for hours on end, just to hear that angelic voice

your happiness means the world to me, and knowing that i will never be a source for you is heartbreaking in the least, but i deal with it, because i just want you happy and if breaking my heart by talking about her makes you happy? then so be it

i’d love to just fix your heart, put all the broken pieces back together and start anew, would you be okay with that?

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