Perfection Is A Myth
Perfection Is A Myth

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truthtobeauty Community member
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Perfection Is A Myth

Who said perfection Is beauty, That if if your not your far away from pretty. To the point where everyone’s trying to live up to the expectation then look at reality

To the point where your constantly wanting likes from people who don’t even care who you are or where you began.

Letting people comment on you because your scared letting them consistently hurt you till feeling is no longer there. Crying yourself to sleep every night hoping you’ll wake up look in the Mirror and someone else will be there. Letting others shatter you to pieces to the point where you wish you were never there

My dear friends I wish you would realize that you’ll never be perfect because perfection will never be there. The world can’t compare your beauty if you don’t let them

Your beauty is beyond compare , you are you they can’t take your soul. At the end of the day all I can say is perfection is a myth. There will always be somebody who is better or you think is pretty then you. But you are unique take time to embrace it .

Getting plastic surgery won’t last. You are the worlds treasure I hope you know that! You are different you should embrace that. It doesn’t matter what people think about they will still talk about you behind your back. You are you and that is that!!

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