I just wanted to fuck.
I just wanted to fuck. sex stories
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trustmenot I write when im stoned or high, or both.
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it happened at 04:47 am.

I just wanted to fuck.

And there I find myself under a beautiful woman jumping up and down, I grab her hands and put them on the wall behind me,

grab her slim waist and lift her enough for me to thrust inside of her time after time,

everything is perfect,

the smell of the sweat, the sound of the screaming, the feeling of the fuck.

And yet somehow I go soft, I guess getting high and fucking when you can barely talk isn’t such a great idea.

Oh well, I said, made her scream, put on my jeans, grabbed cashews from the kitchen and had a very long walk home.

At least I got some cashews out of it,

At least I got cashews.

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