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trunklefish hopeful gay girl
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to my friend, who i thought was my best one but turned out not to be a friend at all

i think i knew

by trunklefish

i think i knew you weren't my best friend, ever since you read my short story about the two girls who fell in love , and didn't respond

ever since you waved away my worry at your bad decision making, your friends who broke things and smoked and didn't care about the world

ever since you texted me "i'm sorry" and didn't stop to think that those words, which i've heard too many times to count, would send me into a panic that left me curled on the floor

ever since you explained, afterward, that the reason you were apologizing was because you'd forgotten my homework at home. you hadn't responded to my frantic texts in three hours

ever since you broke up with him, and still hooked up at parties and ignored my pleas to listen, listen to me, he'll only hurt you--

ever since you made my friend, your friend, cry with cold words that left us all feeling like we'd been punched in the gut

that's when i knew. you could never be my best friend, because you weren't much of a friend at all.

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