Why don’t you care..
Why don’t you care.. love stories

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Love isn’t love if it isn’t mutual..

Why don’t you care..

I don’t know why I bother. I am unsure if he even cares? All I know is i’ll always be there.. Something about him makes me stay, but every day all he does is push me away. 6 can’t you see what you’re doing to me, is it even true that you still love me..

Baby can’t you tell i’m trying my best, you’re just overthinking- go get some rest. I’ll always love you from the day I fell, I just have some trouble coming out my shell. I don’t want to hurt you but please don’t leave, if you leave all i’ll have is a heart of disbelief..

why don’t you take me seriously? I tell you what’s wrong and you laugh hilariously. I’m starting to feel very empty, please just love me that’ll be plenty. You’re telling me i’m yours, but all I do is give you the bores .. I mean you can’t even give me a proper hug, what am I to you some sort of mug?!?

baby please chill, I don’t get it what’s the big deal! I told you from when we glued, all i’d do is love you. Don’t start to feel insecure, you’re all I love you’re my cure.. Don’t leave me now, don’t be so foul..

I’m sorry I can’t handle this.. You’re taking the piss! All I need is a high! Or i’m saying goodbye.. I can’t take it anymore why don’t you listen, all you do is watch my tears as they glisten.. I’m done with showing I care, with nothing in return, maybe you’ll feel it when we are no longer a pair :(

babygirl please don’t go.. remember it’s just us stop feeling so low. I told you I care I just struggle sometimes, please come cuddle and close those blinds.. I know you’re feeling sick but can you stop acting as if i’m some sort of prick ..

i’m sorry 6 I just can’t do this.. all I do is wish we never had our first kiss.. Why can’t you just listen that’s all I ever asked, but now all our memories are in the past..

..please just know I wanted us to last

So why did you give up so fast..


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