To my lover,
To my lover, love stories

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I love you always

To my lover,

Do you remember our first conversation? So innocent and sweet..

Do you remember when you asked me to be your girlfriend? At the end of lunch...

Do you remember our first kiss? Under the stars

Our first dance? Short and cozy

First date? Just like the movies

Do you remember the first time I told you I love you? Your eyes lit up like the stars

How it felt to see each other after months? Like we fell in love all over again

Or when we first argued? Always over stupid things

Do you remember our first time? And how we don’t class it as our first haha

Do you remember?

To my Lover, Online you’re six but in person you are everything..

Many times we have come close to losing one another and many times we have been inseparable

Even if our relationship doesn’t seem perfect my lover, you are perfect to me.

So to my lover, Never forget our memories together or what will come in the future because you will always be

My lover

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