Secret sex room.
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Sorry for being away for so long- something original and much needed right now X

Secret sex room.

During a break, Six and I decided to go for a stroll around a park. We really enjoyed each other’s company but I could tell six wanted me. Knowing this drove my thoughts wild, I wanted to pull down his jeans and take him right there and then! but.. there were too many people with dogs to be doing something like that so, instead, six and I decided to go to a giant tree.

No one could see us from this tree and Six took the opportunity with open arms! He gently guided me to the tree and kissed me. It was passionate but rough and I couldn’t help how wet I was getting through my panties. While kissing, Six told me to undo my belt- I love it when he is in control.

While kissing me, Six slipped his fingers down my panties and started rubbing my clit. He mentioned how wet I was and I giggled, he knew how wet I get over him and he always held it over me subconsciously. I loved it. I began to throb as I was climaxing and I couldn’t help but stop kissing him, my orgasm was taking over.

When I orgasmed, Six spotted a lady with a dog approaching so we quickly composed ourselves and walked away. As we walked past the lady I couldn’t help but think that she knew what we were doing but I didn’t care, if anything the thrill was making me hornier and hornier. Six and I decided to walk to the football field next door to the park and stubbled across a building...

We checked the doors and to our surprise one worked. We checked around before venturing inside and when we got in, I immediately noticed the giant cobwebs. The empty soda cans obviously suggested someone else was there before but the beaten down look was enough to make it feel secretive enough. Six brushed down the bench and placed my scarf on it.

The bench was attached to the wall and was very sturdy. I turned around to six and he told me to take down my jeans. I took off my jeans and panties (leaving them at the ankles). As I bent over the bench arching my back, Six took off his jeans. I was having mini orgasms at the thought of his dick inside of me.

At this point I hadn’t had six in a while and all I could think about was how deep his strokes are. As he slid in, I moaned and six told me how wet I was again! He had definitely grown since last time I had him- he was massive.. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, I could feel myself dripping.

I couldn’t believe I got this wet since Six and I sexted the night before and I couldn’t contain the orgasms. Six grabbed a hold of my hips harder so, I could tell he was enjoying it.. I wish he could’ve seen my face. I couldn’t help but orgasm he was so deep inside of me.

Every thrust made me closer and closer to finishing. Six was enjoying it so much and it felt so naughty that we had found our own place to in a small town. A place where we could let our sexual desires run wild.

When six finished, he thrusted so hard. I could feel it drip down my leg- it was so warm and it made me tingle. After I pulled up my leggings, six gave me a kiss and we returned back to college.. the naughtiest thing is no one even knew.

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