Make up sex.
Make up sex.
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Why not read about something raw, where make up passion doesn’t bore. I’ll let you read and you will see, just what it is that 6 does to me.

Make up sex.

6 and I would argue a lot and it felt as if we were stuck in the honeymoon stage forever. However, this just made our make up sex orgasmic.

There is something so hot about making eye contact during sex, and hearing “i love you” as the guy struggles to talk through his pleasure. This was 6, 6 would try not to moan when talking to me during sex, but I liked to grind on him a little harder to make sure he struggled talking. Plus the way he would look at me, It made me go insane! it was just so..


passionate real

Every time we had make up sex, it became more like making love. The way he looked into my soul, speaking only through his body but yet I could understand every word he would say. We are opposites but very similar in the bedroom.

Every stroke just...

raw passion..

raw passion.. He slides in slowly making sure I feel every inch of power he holds against me. Hands tied above my head, boobs bouncy up and down, legs shaking and he wouldn’t stop.. i wanted him to cum before I did. I always did. He would make me moan for hours, sweating in complete ecstasy. The feeling of each orgasm making my body tense..

pinned down

grabbing the bed frame

clawing 6’s back

squeezing the bed sheets

As he stares deeper into my eyes I climax, slowing his strokes..

deeper and deeper.. Making me orgasm

He moves to kissing my neck.. My sensitive spot.. another orgasm

Hands around my neck, massaging my clit.. deep slow strokes while staring at me.. Making me moan

so intense

Before I know it I’m wrapping my legs around him as we cum together.. deep inside of me

make up sex, over.

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