Happy New Years fantasy.
Happy New Years fantasy. love stories

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Now it’s time for you to hear what I want to do to you.

Happy New Years fantasy.

This time it’s my turn to tell you what I want to do to you six and you’re going to like it.

I want get really close to your lips, while i’m pushed up against the wall, and I want to kiss you ever so slightly. The lightest of touch, then I want to kiss you but, tease you. Bite your bottom lip slowly, suck your tongue the same way I suck your dick before pushing you against the wall. After making out- tongues intertwined- I’m going to grab your neck and give you one last kiss before kissing your neck.

While kissing your neck i’ll take your hands and place them on my waist, letting my other hand travel slowly down your body and stopping when I reach your trousers. Then i’ll guide you over to the bed, pushing you down (you sit on the edge). I start to undo your buttons and stroke your dick through your trousers.

After I take off your trousers I start to kneel down in front of you. I come eye to eye with your dick and I look back at you with my innocent face before taking you whole in my mouth. You love every moment of it, pushing my head further and further until you’re down my throat and you begin to throat fuck me. All I can do is take it, choking on you.

You move your hand from my head and I slowly lick the top of your dick while making eye contact. After, I get up and take off my panties and bra while giving you a little show ;). Once I drop my panties on the floor, I climb onto your lap while pushing you down and pinning your hands to the bed. I lean forward and whisper in your ear “don’t move.” With that I start to kiss you before giving you a naughty look.

I take my hands away from yours, and I start to rub my clit while sat on top of you. I look at you dead in the eyes while doing so. I say “you can’t touch me.” This drives you wild. As I orgasm, you can’t help but want to touch me so I take my finger and rub it down your lip, then a quick kiss.

I pin your hands down and start to grind- up and down up and down. You can feel how wet I am as I slide my vagina up and down your dick. You can’t help but want to slide your dick in me but I won’t let you..not yet, teasing you with your dick sandwiched between my pussy lips. I look at you for a second before sliding you in myself, edging you down slowly because you’re so big and i’m tight.

Soon your fully in so I pin your hands down and bounce up and down on your hard dick. My boobs bouncing up and down, me moaning.. and you move your hands, put one around my throat and tell me to come closer. I stop, lean down with my mouth beside your ear and you start pounding your dick in and out of me while i’m on top.

I can’t help but moan in your ear, I know you love it. As I grab the bedsheets and moan loader, you go faster and harder. Making me squirt all over your dick. We continue to fuck, changing positions and I’m screaming- you’ve made me orgasm so much. You tell me your about to cum while you’re on top- my legs resting against your chest/shoulders.

I move my legs and wrap them around you, you put both of your hands around my throat, choking me while I claw your back.. This only makes you moan more and we cum at the same time. My legs shaking so much.. When your try to pull out, I wait till almost the last moment and push you back in with my legs..

After you’ve pulled out, I put your dick in my mouth again just to clean you off.

tell your person what you want this year.

Time to be the one in charge ;)

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