Finishing in public.
Finishing in public. couples stories

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sexual urges come from nowhere sometimes, but it’s your decision to contain it x

Finishing in public.

6 and I frequently take a bus together, like a school bus- it follows the same route with only one stop before the end. In the morning, Six and I were sat with one another watching a comedy series when I couldn’t help but want him. I put my legs over his and he had been holding my inner thigh. I hadn’t felt him in a while and I really wanted to feel how happy I could make him.

I couldn’t help myself but rub his dick through his jeans. I made sure my scarf was covering our little secret but I couldn’t help but think of putting him in my mouth. Six tries to pull my hand away but he always gives in and I started to tug at his jeans. I wanted to feel how hard he was with my own hand. I wanted to feel his precum on my fingers. I wanted him.

Not long after, six undid his jeans and got his boner out under my scarf. I couldn’t wait to watch him hide how much he enjoyed it. I wanted to suck his dick but it was too risky. I took him in my hand and started moving my hand up and down slowly. While doing it I twisted slightly and squeezed repeatedly. I could see how much he enjoyed it and I could feel him twitching in my hands (my favourite feeling).

Doing this made me want to ride him there and then. I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself when I got too carried away. Six soon stopped me as we got closer to our stop and told me how much he enjoyed it- especially how risky it was.

Later that day, on the journey back I couldn’t help but do it again. Changing the speed of my hand strokes while twisting a little and squeezing repeatedly. Six enjoyed it this time more than the morning, I really wanted to feel him at the back of my throat but someone would’ve noticed. Instead I rested my head on his shoulder, watching him hide his pleasure. Six stopped me a few times so he didn’t cum.

Half way through the journey, Six took over.. it felt so naughty!! I just wanted him inside of me, I was going insane! We both wanted him to finish in my mouth but it was too risky so he finished into my hand. I placed my hand in place so I was ready to get it all. As six was finishing I suddenly became dripping wet..I was throbbing. He did that to me.. I wanted him so bad, I struggled containing myself. I wanted to guide his hand down my jeans.

When I thought six was finished, I moved my hand away but Six quickly looked at me and I felt more and more- he wasn’t finished. There was so much on my hands when he had finished and he said sorry but I showed him how much I enjoyed it by licking my hands clean. I licked it all up, wishing I could’ve felt him finish down my throat. Six did something to me this day because I was so wet and I couldn’t help myself but think about him.

Later on that evening, before I went to sleep I fingered myself over that bus journey... I will always remember how much you enjoyed it ;)

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