what do i like about you
what do i like about you stories

truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
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what do i like about you

by trueme

the fire in you which warms my heart

i have never touched you but how do i feel the fire in you... just one look of you melts my heart..

blueness in your eyes

the cold blueness in your eyes turns bright yellow when i see my shade in your eyes........the warmth of which i feel in heart...

sun rising from your backside with you lying next to me..

just want to cover my eyes in your hair.....feeling the soften touch and coolness of the shades of part of you...

wetness of your lips making me glow

tip of my thirsty tongue want to feel wetness of your lips....is it sweet lake water fresh from earth like your love for me..

the one look of yours

stops my heartbeat right there that's what i love about you...

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