Why i m not at peace with myself ?
Why i m not at peace with myself ? stories

truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
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Why i m not at peace with myself ?

by trueme

Because i don't belong in crowd

is it possible to be with everybody but still feel alone..is that fault lies within me and if it so then why this frailty not going, leaving me to be me.

Because i don't feel love

is it possible to live your life without love and if is it so then why do i keep looking for love when it is not there...

Because i don't know happiness

what is happiness?....meeting your responsibilities is happiness or fulfilling your needs is happiness....

Because i don't where m i going ?

Living your life is only purpose of life or to get some purpose for the life you are living is what we wish for....

PEACE where is it ?

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truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
a year agoReply
@lisa totally agree!!!!

truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
a year agoReply
@sydney thanks for standing by, but i am standing straight and absolutely fine..hehehe. its just i feel what came out...talking about love...i m not so certain about it.. see i have started greying my hair now but do wonder is it really exists.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
@trueme ahh i'm so sorry to hear this :( i like to believe that we all will find love, hope, and purpose at some point in our life. whether we have it right now or not. if you ever need anybody to talk to, we are here!

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
it's a confusing life :/

bobBronze CommaAll hail BOB
a year agoReply
I know the feeling too 😞

shadowedechoesWriter, introvert, music lover,
a year agoReply
I know the feeling :/