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To my future children,

Hey there, it's your Mother.

There's so much I want to say to you and so many things I want to share with you.

Time, patience, and most importantly, mistakes will show you what exactly it is that I want to express to you.

This world is not a fairy tale, nor anything you will ever expect it to be.

I need you to be aware, free, and open minded, but not too naive.

I need you to love. Many will not love you back, and that will show you the importance of the ones that do.

I need you to understand that society has created standards. Standards that I don't want you to follow. You are your own person. You are your own soul. You are your own being.

I will respect and love you for whatever or whoever you choose to be.

I need you to be empathetic to everyone you meet. Everybody has a story to tell and some are a hell of a lot more cruel than others.

Treat everybody as you would want to be treated. Though I say this, some will still treat you extremely poorly...

but be sure to stay positive, for they will never forget that one really kind person who decided not to be an asshole back.

Society has its customs. The world has its problems.

Never ever let anybody make you think YOU'RE a problem. For you are not a problem, never were a problem, nor will you ever be a problem.

Over the years, I've learned that most people do not know how to view beauty, nor do many people even see beauty as a thing at all.

This is where I want you to make the most impact in others' lives.

Beauty is everywhere. Beauty is in everything.

It just takes a special person to be able to make that come alive. It takes a special kind of person to be able to change other peoples' views on what exactly beauty is about.

You, for one, are beautiful. Everything about you. Everything you are. Everything you will become.

Whether you become what you think is a disaster or you become exactly what you expect of yourself to become; Just remember that some of the most beautiful things come out of the most disastrous.

View everyone with the simple fact that they have something special that no one else on this planet will ever have and view everything with the simple fact that everything has

something special to it that other things on this planet will never have. Everyone and everything is unique and that is exactly why everyone and everything is so beautiful.

You are unique. You have qualities to you that no one will ever be able to have nor should anyone ever be able to change. Understand that no one should ever change anything about you.

You are made the way you are made for a reason. You have came into this life being made for a reason. You are here for a specific reason. You are reason.

Why would you ever let anybody change that or make you think anything different? Some people in this life will come around and try to make you feel less than what you are.

They will try to destroy you and your sense of being. They will try to make you think differently of yourself in a negative way that could affect you.

Those are the people in which you stay kind to, but keep your far distance from. You don't need that type of negativity in your life nor simply any type of that negativity in your mind.

If you ever fail to succeed in being able to distance yourself from those people and you fall into the trap in which they plotted against you, I am here.

When or if you're up late at night crying or simply wondering what you did wrong, I am here.

If you're having rough days because you can't seem to overpass their simple-minded thoughts of you, I am here. I am here regardless. I will protect you. I will guide you. I will defend you.

You will be aware of just how wonderful you are and you will be aware of the infinite reasons why you should never change you. I wouldn't change a hair on your head.

I wouldn't change a thing about you. You were made wonderfully. You are lovely. You are beautiful.

If you ever feel that you are less than you are or you begin to have unwanted thoughts that you can't seem to get rid of, I will be here and I will understand. I will talk with you for hours.

Days even, if needed be. I want you to trust me. I want you to come to me. I will be honest with you about everything.

I will not only be your parent, but I will do my best to be your best friend.

I understand this world is cruel, I understand things happen, and I understand problems and thoughts arise that you may feel absolutely hopeless about.

There is someone here to talk with you about everything. To comfort you and to build you up. I will not judge you for anything you speak to me about or share with me.

Simply because I've done things that I am not proud of and I've said things that I wish I could take back. Nothing you do will ever surprise me.

I am prepared for whatever you need to share with me. Again, you will never be judged. Only ever loved.

Times between us may get hard. Some a little rougher than others. I may be tough sometimes and I may seem hard to deal with sometimes. I don't do it to make you angry or to try to push you away.

I do it out of the sole purpose of discipline, knowledge, and love. If you are not disciplined, you will not be humble. If you do not have knowledge, you will not be wise.

If you do not have love, you will not have life. I do the things I do to teach you. I do the things I do to help you grow. I will never harm you and I will never leave you.

I will never forsaken you or turn my back on you. Once I had you, you had became my life. You had became my adventure. You had became my reason.

If I do not do the things I need to do for you, then I am simply failing at doing what I need to do for myself and for you.

We may have misunderstandings. You may feel that I will be disappointed in some of the things that you do. Again, I do the things I do because they need to be done. Misunderstandings happen.

It's inevitable. I may be disappointed in something you do simply because I would've thought that you would've known better. You live and you learn. Mistakes do happen.

I will never be angry or portray anger to you. Anger stems from reactions happening without thought. I will always think before I react to what it is that I'm doing.

I will always think about what I say before I say it. Words have meaning. Words hurt. Reactions to everything matter.

You will see that "disagreements" will happen and will be solved with love. There is no other way to raise someone up in this world than to raise them around the idea of love.

Love will bring you places that you've never been, show you things that you've never seen and teach you things that you would've never thought you could be taught.

Love will truly set you free and I will do everything in my God given power to show you just that.

I will love you. Everyday. Every hour. To infinity and beyond.

Going through this world and seeing the things that I've seen and going through the things that I've gone through, you gave me reason. You were my hard earned prize. You are gold.

You are meaning.


When I was younger, I never wanted to build a family. I always just had that stereotypical fantasy about my prince charming coming to get me and us living happily ever after.

Never any children involved.

Going through life and growing up quite a bit, my mind has changed drastically.

I've seen so much and I have been exposed to more than I probably should have. I don't regret any of it and I'm not upset about any of it.

You would've thought it would've made me such a hard person, but it's truly made me more fragile and more gentle.

I have goals and aspirations. I have so many things that I want and need to accomplish. But, my life will never be complete until I am able to raise children with love and respect.

To show them things I wish I could've been shown and help them understand things I wish I could've understood when I was a little younger. One of my biggest dreams in life is to have children.

To raise children. To love children.

Of course the right time will come around when that is supposed to happen and I don't need to rush anything anyway,

but it will truly be the biggest blessing in life when that time does come around.

One day I will do my best job at being the mother that's needed for my future children.

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