Perks of Mundanity
Perks of Mundanity life stories
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There is only one you in this entire world, cherish it.

Perks of Mundanity

This is my story

It has ample sorrows and a bit glory

Embraced by my triumph, cuddled by my defeat,

Baked by my warm heavy sighs when I retreat.

They say I am ordinary,

Job interviewers don't find me necessary.

Yet I put on that coat of failures,

To be rejected my another company that allures.

Whenever in a packed train,

A thought from which I can never refrain.

Do I deserve only this much place in this world of God,

The compartment is too full for me to see his approval nod.

This is my story, but it is also yours.

I am the I in mine, you in yours.

You are ordinary so am I,

But there is nothing in it to cry.

Others are at best chapters in it, but you, the book.

You are the hero, the master of your life, take a look.

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