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A story with a twist, finally showing someone's true identity.


by TrishaG

As she lay on the ground, silence surrounded her. Every minute was a minute too long.

She liked games. Playing, winning and controlling them. But waiting games were a big exception.

Then, in the distance, something ended the silence. Footsteps. And they were getting closer.

She didn't get up. Not just yet. Waiting just a few more seconds before the door opened and the footsteps stopped.

"Marie, are you in he-" he started, panting, but stopping mid sentence. "Hello Jake, so glad you could come."

"It did take you long enough." she said while slowly getting up. "Marie... What did you do...? Why did you call me to come here?"

She dusted herself off, which didn't really help get the stains off of her clothes. But she did it anyway. To make sure she really had his attention.

"You said you didn't know me. And that I wasn't capable of taking care of myself." A smirk formed on her lips while his face turned white.

"One of those things is true... The other isn't. Can you guess which one, Jake?" She slowly walked towards him, staring into his eyes, which were fixated on the ground.

"I... You-" he stammered in disbelieve.

She walked past him, bumping his shoulder softly. He fell to his knees, still staring around him to the ground.

The ground... full of dead bodies.

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