You Only Get One
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Once in a lifetime.

You Only Get One

You only get one

One that lights a fire inside of you that never burns out

One that awakens your soul to true happiness

One that opens your eyes to see a black and white world in colour

One that understands you on a deeper level than you ever thought anyone could

One that can control your emotions with just a look

One that with the gentleness of their presence lets you escape reality

One that can bring back a lifetime of memories with one brief touch

One that your heart will yearn for day after day, year after year

You only get one true love in your lifetime

And if you're lucky enough to find it

You'll never forget the colour of their eyes

The sound of their voice

Or the way their skin felt against yours

There are plenty of fish in the sea

But you only get one

That makes all those love songs finally make sense

So if you find your 'one'

Hold on for dear life

Because there'll never be another who fills those places you didn't know were empty

But you'll spend your whole life searching anyway

You only get one

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