Damaged goods
Damaged goods love stories

trisarahtops If music is the food of love, play on.
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Why can't I hate you?

Damaged goods

by trisarahtops

When I was falling for you

I never thought the damage you would do

Would keep me up at night 5 years later

Even after you tore my heart to shreds

I love you more than I did in the beginning

I thought I left you behind years ago

Turns out, I can't get rid of you

You've made me the person I am today

With your emotional abuse and your carelessness

While I spent my nights crying, alone on my bedroom floor

You were out getting everything you ever wanted

I want to hate you

But love and hate are opposites

And there is no universe where I do anything but love you

I must be out of my mind

To still love you and keep you in my prayers

Because all you did was take away my laugh

I'll never smile the same again

You ruined me.

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