Wait to Grow Up
Wait to Grow Up trauma stories
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The truth about growing up.

Wait to Grow Up

Little one, don't grow up too fast To grow up and love it is no easy task.

You may think I'm lying, or out of my mind But I lived inside your shoes once upon a time.

I was five and I wanted to grow up so, so quick I wanted to eat so much ice cream I'd go and get sick.

I wanted to run, and jump, and climb, and scream I wanted to do things like play in a stream.

My wish was granted and I grew up so fast I went from a baby to an immature lass.

My mother beat me black and blue, My brother would hurt me, my boyfriend never true.

I couldn't cry because that's baby stuff, I should have known that life would be tough.

And now I'm telling this story to you, So you can see growing up in light anew.

It's not fun and games, it's not even fun, So stay a child while you can...

...or run.

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