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We went through all that pain, suffering, and anger
6 years together
Just to again become strangers?


Everything we’ve been through.

I took an interest in you when no one else would.

I knew much wasn’t in it for me, but I still wanted to see you do good.

Everyone said leave her you can do a lot better, shes not worth anything

I didnt listen to them

I listened to your problems and help you through them.

And that is not a lie.

I even stopped you from committing suicide a couple times.

I helped you get over your bad habits of self harm.

No more drawing pictures on your arm.

I helped you with your homework when you were having trouble in school.

You know that means something because I didn’t even do my own homework.

Anyone who ever talked bad about you, I stood up for you. Even when you weren’t around, I still never let anyone throw dirt on your name.

I always thought that you would do the same... what ashame.

I was your first real boyfriend. I showed you what a relationship was really like and what it was like to have someone love you unconditionally.

I was there for you even when the people in your own family weren’t

I tried to raise awareness of the fact that you had been raped by your older brother

What did your family do when they found out?

They praised him and gave him a job.

You yelled at me and blamed me for telling them.

If it wasn’t for me you would’ve kept that to yourself all your life.

Fast forward.

I watched you evolve from the little girl with trust issues because of her first heart breaks to the beautiful and sexy woman that you are today.

We both graduated on the same day.

Once high school was over I took you away from your rural lifestyle in the middle of no where. I took you away from your parents that you always had problems with and I showed you the city.

I showed you that there was more to life than just an endless field and that life wasn’t always so shitty.

I tried to help you expand your goals bigger than just working in a dollar store for the rest of your life

I gave you a high paying job at the office and pushed you to go even higher.

I believed in your own success way more than I did my own.

I taught you how to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

That goes without saying.

Hell, I taught you everything you know today.

But now you act like you are where you are without my help.

I loved you through every flaw you had.

Your lying habits, your eating disorder, your depression. I stuck by you through it even when it got real bad.

I was there for it all.

So tell me why did we come this far

Just to fall?

I watched you leave me for a guy you barely even knew.

I watched you speak foul on my name and belittle me with no remorse.

All the things I thought you’d never do.

You lied about me and said I did things I never did.

You tried to make me look like the bad guy

When really you were the one with the bullshit.

And to this day I still ask why?

You made it like I’ve never done anything for you.

Ive changed your life for the better, way more than anyone could have ever done for you

I wasted my life for you.

I’ve let so many good people in my life go for you.

We went through all that pain, suffering, and anger

6 years together

Just to again become strangers?

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