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The end is here.


I just woke up feeling well rested, I looked up at the clock and it read 6:30.

I jumped up from my seat "What the hell?!?" I looked around the desolate classroom and the only person I see is Camryn who had also dozed off across the room from me.

I ran over to her and shook her and slowly she woke up.

"What, what's happening?" She yawned.

"Look at the time," I said pointing up at the clock.

Still half asleep she looked over and jumped up from her seat. "What the hell? Detention ended three hours ago, how come no one woke us up?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out."

"I have to get home, my parents are probably so worried about me." She said.

I tried to check my phone, but there was no reception at all.

"Do you have any reception?" I asked.


"Shit, we've got to go."

We both ran out of the classroom and down the dark unoccupied hallways.

There wasn't one student or janitor in sight.

Once we got outside it was exactly the same. Empty.

There was nobody.

No people,

no cars,

and there was absolutely no sound.

Cautiously we continued down the road keeping our guard up.

"Does something seem off to you?" She asked, but before I could answer, a disturbing sound came from behind. It sounded like an animal, but I couldn't define what kind.

"What was that?" Camryn jumped and got behind me.

"You know what?” She said. “I think I'll just follow you home first."

"If that makes you feel better," I said.

We continued down to my house. Camryn was holding on tight to my arm. It was weird there werent any cars in anyones drive ways and no lights were on. Something was definitely up.

Once we got to my place, I unlocked the door and went inside and it was completely empty.

"Dale, you there?" I shouted. There was no reply.

Camryn followed behind me as I walked upstairs to my room. I opened the door and looked around and it was exactly the way I had left it, empty and immaculate.

The wind was blowing viciously through the window blowing all the papers I had on my dresser to the floor.

"Is your family normally gone at this time?" Camryn asked.

"No..." I said.

"Not usually."

Slowly I went into my bathroom and I found something quite unusual.

There was a knife With dried blood on it.

I picked it up and examined it closely.

"So is it normal to have a bloody knife if your bathroom?" Camryn asked.

I ignored her and slowly inched over to the shower.

The blinds were closed...

Camryn followed behind me. Before I opened them, I made Camryn get behind me just in case someone was in there.

I pulled the curtains back and was devastated at what I seen. My mom was laying there motionlessly. Dried blood stained the tub. There were cut marks on her wrists.

It seemed to be an act of suicide. I kneeled down next to her.

"Trey..." Camryn said softly putting her arm around me.

"I'm really sorry. I know this must be hard." I looked at her. The sincerity in her eyes was real.

This girl has seen me at my best and worst moments. I gave her the best smile I could, which probably wasn't even a smile at all.

I stood up, grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the knife off and continued carrying it as I walked back down the stairs. I turned on the living room TV, but there was no signal at all.

No channels were coming in.

"This is weird," Camryn said. "I'm starting to get a bad feeling."

I continued flipping through channels in hope for a signal, but that was no use. I threw the remote and sighed. I walked into the kitchen.

I noticed there was a note on the fridge. It read:

Trey, If you make it back home, run as far away from here as possible -mom.

I didn't question it one bit.

"Let's go."

"Where?" She asked.

"Far way from here."

Lets make a stop at my place. I have my car keys... That would be safer than continuing on foot.


We walked out of the house and walked back down the street to Camryn's.

About two or three blocks the sky was becoming very dark and cloudy.

I could feel the light drizzle coming down on us.

"Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better," Camryn said sarcastically. "Wait look at that over there," She pointed to what looked like a person at the end of the block.

"So?" I asked.


“So... Who ever it is probably knows what's going on."

"I wouldn't count on it," I told her. "We're almost to your house anyways. We should continue the mission."

She ignored me. And started walking towards the person and I slowly followed.

Once she was directly behind the guy, she tapped on his shoulder and instantly the guy attacked her by throwing her to the ground and then got on top of her.

She began screaming trying to push the guy away. I rushed over and forced the knife I had been carrying right into the back of his head. He dropped to the ground.

I pulled the knife out of him and rolled him over. He didn't look normal, he looked... deformed.

"God what was that guys fucking problem?"

"That's not a guy" I told her.

"Well whatever it is, it tried to bite me."

"Come on," I helped her to her feet. We've got to get to your place now. It's not safe out here."

"Holy shit, look," she pointed at a huge group of zombies that turned the corner and were now headed our way. I grabbed her arm and pulled her while running down the street.

Her house was only a little more ways down.

Once we got to her place, we hopped in her car in the drive way and she started it up. I looked back and the horde was still following us. They were fast.

Camryn back out of the drive way and dashed off in the opposite direction of the hoard.

"Holy shit that was crazy." She said.

"You're telling me."

"Where do we go now?" She asked.

"I don't know. Just keep driving this fucker. We need to find somewhere safe for tonight."

"What we need is to see if we can find some people. Someone who can hopefully explain what's going on right now."

I took out my phone again to see if I could get a connection. Still none.

"Any luck?"


"Something weird is going on. The world couldn't have went to shit in just 3 hours of detention."

She was right there was definitely something bigger happening. But the question is what.

"Doesn't matter what happened. All that matters is what's happening right now. There's a zombies outbreak and you and I seem to be the only two around for it.

So we have to d up and find somewhere safe to stay."

"Okay. You're the leader." She said. "May I say though. Out of all the people I'd have to experience the end of the world with. I'm psyched that it gets to be you.

She looked at me for a half second and smiled.

“Same. There's no one else I rather be fucked with than you, Camryn."

She giggled as we continued driving down the desolate, gloomy road.

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