Having Red Hair

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Having Red Hair

Trevor Beam

Ridicule in School

Children have always been ridiculed for having red hair, as my uncle has told me the other kids would yell "I'd rather be dead than red in the head." I would prefer that to the harassment I faced

The "Ginger" Issue

It's tough enough for a kid to have red hair in middle school, but when every teenage boy's favorite show, South Park, claimed that red heads, or "gingers", have no souls, things got even worse.

South Park Episode

The episode portrayed red heads as pale and creepy children who have no souls. The children then set out to eliminate all other children without red hair.


The "ginger kids" episode left tons of auburn haired, pale skinned children in agony, including the young man pictured here, who took his anger to Youtube which simply made everything worse.


It's not okay to ridicule anyone because of what they look like, so if you see anyone being teased or harassed, then stand up for that person!

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was an important essay. There is no shame in being red of hair and long of beard. Battleaxe in one hand schooner of ale in the other. I digress a bit. I will bet Viking and Celtic giants with flaming red hair were never teased nor trifled with. There is no difference in why it is said or what is said, teasing and bullying hurt. I have no answers I wish I could champion for you. But you will have to handle this one. Very well written!!

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Ahh this is terrible. Great write up.