Take One

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Take One - Chaotic Thoughts

Take One

by treeislyfe

Disorganized thoughts race through my brain.

Why do I allow anxiety to bring me pain?

The days pass by slower every day when I allow my thoughts

To take over my physical being.

I want to ask for help.

I want to open up to others.

I want to express my thoughts and emotions.

But when the opportunity arises for me to do so...

I fight it.

I change the subject.

I lie and say I am okay.

All because I do not know how to communicate.

I do not know how to communicate the chaos in my brain.

And the cycle continues endlessly.

So, "what's wrong? How are you? Are you okay?"

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@bernardtwindwil thank you so much!

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This is a wonderful piece of work. Your introspection and honesty were amazing. You are a talented writer. Great post!!!!