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Derick blackmailed Sam and Levy into joining him and Kendall in the business venture of selling magazines [A South Park 2nd Generation Fanfiction]

bad business by TreeFiddy04

"Absolutely not, I am not selling those things," Levy claimed as he folded his arms in frustration. Derek snorted.

"Come on, five bucks a pop and we will have a lot of money at the end of the week." he coaxed as he pats his backpack. Levy scoffed, "No way in Hell! My dad will kill me if he finds out I was selling those..those..things!" he nearly shrieked.

Sam places a hand on his shoulder; "Shut it- the whole town might hear you." Derek looks at Sam and Levy with an irritated look. "Is it yes or no? I don't have time for this."

Levy looks at Derek now debating on what he should do. What did Derek have in mind? what would he do if he said no? Surely he had nothing up his sleeves but then again he was talking to the son of Eric-fucking-Cartman. the double edge sword coming through. Levy takes a deep breath and with a stern look, he says no.

Derek slowly formed a smirk as he reached into his coat pocket. "I figured you would say that you know what? I wonder what your dad and Sam's mom will do if he found out what kind of crap you two burnt yesterday." Levy and Sam's eyes widened as they looked at each other. "So what'll be?"

Sam sighed heavily finally giving in, "How many stacks are we suppose to sell?" "Sam!" Levy shouts, "Your mother will shread you to pieces!"

As Levy and Sam were discussing, Derek was sorting through his backpack for a small stack and wrapped it in a newspaper with a rubber band holding it all together. "Good choice. I want your commission at the end of the week, I'll stop by your place early in the morning and collect the dough." he hands the stack to Sam who stares at it with wide, fearful eyes.

Derek flung his backpack over his shoulder and began to descend from the clubhouse ladder. A tall tree with a shed practically built on top of it, a tacky one, but it's home for the boys who hung around in it religiously.

Levy looks at Sam once more and groans in frustration. "Why do you give in so easily? Surely you didn't get that from your mother." Sam sighs with a flat grin, he nods. "No, I definitely got it from my dad." He stuck the stack into his binder and slid it into his backpack. "Do you think I'll be able to sell this many Playboys at the end of the week?"

"Nope, but I'll help you out...It's barely Tuesday for Christ's sake." "Why don't you sell some too? You can pay your dad back for that time you stole forty bucks.and...Derek won't delete the video unless we do it." Levy stares at Sam. "Yeah, but I- it- ugh...Hold on."

Derek pulled his bike out from the shrubs from the side of the tree and swore loudly as he does so. Levy stuck his head out of the entryway and calls out to Derek who looks up. "Hey! I...uh. I'll sell a stack.." he mumbled at the end of his sentence. Derek smiled cheekily, "I'm sorry, what?"

Levy scrunched his nose, "I'll sell stacks-" "One more time?" he calls out

"I'll sell your stupid stacks!" Levy shouted at him. His asshole of a friend tore his backpack off and grabbed a stack larger than the one he gave Sam and Levy looked even more irritated. Derek held up the newspaper wrapped PlayBoys up towards Levy who reaches down with Sam holding his legs.

"Same goes for you Brofloski!, I'll stop by your house and collect the cash!" Derek stood beside his bike before mounding on it as Levy stared his stack with slight rage. "Later losers!" he peddled off to his next destination.

With the sun nearly setting Derek knew he had to get to the other side of town. he crossed the railroads and skid across a yard as he looks at the semi-large oak tree residing on the side with a tire swing.

Derek set his bike aside and walked up to the swing, he is met with a familiar dirty blonde kid. the kid looks up from the book he was reading and stares at Derek. "What's up, fattso?" Derek hits the top of his head.

"Shut it, Kendall. I have an offer for you." he removes his backpack and sits himself down in front of Kendall who joins him. "I have an idea that might color you interested." he pulls out a copy of a playboy that immediately makes his eyes light up. "I'm interested."

"The same thing I told Levy and Sam, I'll give you these Playboys if you sell them by the end of the week." Kendall skimmed through a copy with a bored expression. "These are all new...the retro ones are better."

"Sell them five dollars each." he interrupted, "that's all, sell them for five dollars each and I'll come back for the money early in the morning on Friday." he looks at Kendall with a stern look who looks at him completely unfazed.

"Yeah, Ok. I'm down." he shakes Derek's hand and gets his stack. "Five a pop, Friday the dough." he looks at Kendall in the hope he will remember. Derek leaves the yard and began to bike away, Kendall waves goodbye and picks the stack making his way back to his room.

On his way past the living room, Kendall's mother stopped him. "Excuse me young man, but was that Derek Cartman on our lawn just now?" She put a hand on her hip and Kendall shrugged.

"Yeah, he gave me tonight's art homework. drawing portraits that inspire us." he lied. she stares at him very skeptical before letting him pass and into his room.

Kendall shut the door to his room before sorting out the magazines into different piles, one half being kept here and the other half will be kept in his locker. the gym one- he re-wrapped the small pile in newspaper and set them on his desk. He reached over to the land phone and began to dial a few people on his list.

"Jake Donovan..." he let the phone ring until an adult voice answered.

"Hello? Hey, Mr.Donovan is Jake there?... I got some stuff to tell him- no this can't wait till the morning. What if I died in the morning? in my sleep? or I get suffocated by a lunatic!- Hey Jake, buddy! boy do I have news for you." after twenty minutes Kendall hung up the phone and placed an issue to the side with a sticky note titled;'Donovan.'

"On to the next man-" He exclaims triumphantly.

Levy biked to his home with his head stuck in the clouds. very-very-grey clouds, he arrived at the driveway and made his way to the garage to leave his bike within it. He goes through the front only to be greeted by his dad. "Hey, Levy. How was your day?" he stopped writing on his laptop to take a moment to look at his son.

"Hey. dad," Levy says trying not to sound too startled or worried. "it was, great. uh, Sam and I rode over to Stark's pond and fed some geese. but they got too aggressive and we had to jam." he took his helmet off as he walked towards the staircase. "Hold on a moment." Levy felt a lump in his throat as he turned to his Dad. "Yeah?"

"I need your help cleaning out the basement. Your uncle's going to come and stay with us for a while. before the weekend of course."

Levy silently cursed, whenever his uncle came around him and his dad takes the time to clean the basement since it was nicer than the rooms upstairs. A futon couch, who wouldn't sleep on that? that meant it will take the entire week, and Levy needed to get those damn magazines out of his backpack and out of his atmosphere for good.

He nods his head. "You got it, Dad. if you need me, Ima just be upstairs working on-on a new model!" his Dad nods and returns to writing. "Oh hey, I'm meeting this manager at the museum and I wondered if you-Levy?" his eyes followed the sound of rushed footsteps and a slammed door. "...wanted to go." he sighs as he shook his head.

Levy emptied out his backpack and held up the stack. he already felt his face fluster at the thought of opening the wrapping. he was teased and called a prude for not liking these sorts of things, it wasn't his fault. it's all so weird- he picks up his phone and began to message Sam.

Sam walked up to his house with a small limp. he folded his ankle from running away from the geese. he opened the front door and was greeted by his mother. "Hiya, mom." He says sheepishly as he tossed his shoes off. "Hello, Sammy. and where did you go today?"

He thought about it for a moment. "To the pond, feed geese and hung out with Levy." she nods as she listens to his day. he walked towards the staircase until his mother pointed out his limp. "May I ask, why are you limping?" Sam stared at his ankle barely now noticing the slight black and blue on it, heh, like a banana.

"I think it was when I folded it when I tried getting away from the geese." he shrugged and his mother sighed.

"You need to be more careful, Stanly. your son hurt himself." she walked towards Sam who panicked slightly if they stopped them they'll check up on him, take his bag, probably examine it to see if anything got wet- He looks at his mom. "Look-Sparky pissed on the couch again!"

he pointed to the dog who was exiting the room, his mom quickly turned around and went after the dog."Ugh! Sparky! Sam, I will check that ankle. don't you dare think I will forget."

"Oh I know you won't," he mumbled as he quickly stumbled to his room slamming it shut. he threw his backpack on the bed. he heard his phone vibrate and pulled it out, from Levi.

"'How's your stack going?' " he read out loud, he took the moment to think about what to write. "I just got home, what do you expect?" he hit send and got another response. "'Think he'll actually show the video?'... No, I don't think so. not until he gets his money."

Levy read the message and sighed heavily. "Son of a bitch!" "Levy! Dinner!" he sat up quickly. "Uh. coming mom!" he threw his backpack under his desk and pushed his chair in. "it's only for the week-it's only for a week." he patted down his sweater and made his way out of his room.

Sam turned his phone off and shoved the magazines carefully into his backpack. "Sam, dinner time!" his dad called from downstairs.

"On my way!" Sam placed his bag into his closet then quickly shutting it. He removed his hat and placed it on the dresser then made his way out. "aw beans..." he looks back at his room door before going.

Kendall wakes up at the sound of his mom knocking on his door. "Ken! Time for dinner." he sits up and looks at his small pile. so far he sold ten-he slid them underneath his pillow and got up to go eat.

"Still should have gone for the retro ones. would have sold more of those Madonna jugs." he closes the door to his room and made his way quickly to the dining room.

Derek pulled out his reheated leftovers and made his way to the living room floor. He rested his plate on the coffee table and proceeded to watch his cartoons. The cat hopped onto the table and sniffed his food, he pulls the plate away slightly.

"No, Mr. Kitty this is my spaghetti. maybe next time." he looked at the clock with a shrug. "Oh well." he held a post-it note his parents left him and set it aside. "let me watch Voltron darn it." And with that, the boys went to bed all on edge, minus Derek and Kendall, and prayed for a better morning that what the night has become.

A/N: Derek had hooked his friends on his latest scheme.

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