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trashpandagirl idk the meaning of life anymore...
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This is me...

My name is Tara. I am 15 years old. I am a tomboy and I DON'T WEAR DRESSES (often)!!!!!!

I live in the United States of America, in Erie, Pennsylvania. I go to Northwestern Middle School.

Here is what I look like...

I am gender-fluid if you know what that means. Being gender-fluid means that sometimes you feel like a boy, then the next day you feel like a girl, and then you have those days where you just don't know anymore.

I have a nickname that my friends call me sometimes: Toni. It is a gender-neutral name, meaning that either gender can use it.

I have an OC and her name is Alley. She is 16 years old. I feel like her sometimes, like today.

Most of the time I just go by Toni. I post whenever I have a study hall or when I have free time in class.

All of my friends are not straight. I do not believe a word should describe how you feel.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH FOR READING THIS AND GETTING TO KNOW ME MORE!!!!!!! P.S. My mom doesn't know I'm doing this so.... YEAH!!! (I'm screwed...) P.P.S. I don't like my appearance....

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