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Cas is having a bit of trouble there....


In the Bunker, Castiel is trying to put on sheets, he can't do it. He's sprawled out on the bed, groaning every time the corner sheet pops back up again, mocking him.

In the other room, all Dean hears is bedsprings and Cas'groans. He tries so hard not to think about it. Cas stumbles out, looking weary and panting. He turns to Dean, and sighs.

"Can you help me? I think it will work better with you..." Dean stops in his tracks to analyze what Cas had just said. Did he want Dean to"help" him with something or did he just want to have some fun?

Cas walked Dean into the room and Dean jumped on him. Cas saw this as a threat so he jumped onto the bed. Dean jumped on top of him before getting up and getting undressed.

Dean jumped into the bed and started slamming himself into Cas. Cas didn't seem to mind it. Cas started groaning softy at first but as Dean went deeper and faster Cas started groaning louder.

Don't hate me for how I write my Fanfictions. I don't really write smut but I'll try. Love you all!

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